Why Pay Per Click?

A lot of businesses today are using pay per click ads to get noticed. What makes PPC so popular? Like many business decisions, the bottom line is the bottom line. Advertising can get expensive, and with ppc ads you only pay for users who are interested enough to click through.

A great aspect of pay per click is that you can guarantee you stick to your budget. Most will remove your ad from rotation when you reach a budget maximum. When your advertising budget is tight, it is important to make sure every dollar spent is actually reaching a potential customer.

What can SEOFormula1 do for your advertising campaign?

What do you want from your internet marketing campaign? You want to really reach potential clients. A good pay per click ad, such as PPC Google Adwords or Facebook advertising, can reach the kind of consumers you are looking for. A well designed banner ad will –

  1. Grab the Attention
  2. Generate Click Through
  3. Drive Traffic to You

A good internet advertising campaign requires a knowledge of your target audience, a design team that can create something that will interest them, and good choices of ad placement. SEOFormula1 offers pay per click management services that can help your company grow and thrive. Our pay per click services are tailored to your needs.

  • Know Your Audience – Who is your ideal customer? What is he or she looking for?  If you are selling make-up, you are after a very different audience than one selling muscle building supplements or orthopedic shoe inserts. Are you hoping to attract soccer moms looking to save money, or young single people hoping to look stylish and trendy? You have to understand your market so that you can tailor your ads and the sites you put them on to reach the most people possible.
  • Ad Design – Let our team create an ad campaign that will appeal to your target audience and convince them to take a closer look. There is a wealth of information about the way colors and images affect people. A skilled ad designer can develop ads that are appealing to your customers and keep your brand in their mind.
  • Placement – Choosing where to display your ads can be more important than the actual content of them. You certainly don’t want to advertise shirts with religious slogans on an atheist bulletin board or retirement investment services on a website aimed at pre-teens. The SEOFormula1 team has the demographic information to pinpoint some of the websites your target market segment is most likely to visit. Stop wasting your ad dollars on websites no one will ever visit!

SEOFormula1 is the place to go when you need a pay per click ad campaign. From market segment analysis to selecting where to place your ads, our expert team can walk you through the process. When a carefully targeted ad reaches your target audience, you will see the results to your bottom line.